Letter to close a passbook

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letter template Letter to close a passbook Ideally, you should send your request by registered mail with acknowledgement of receipt to your branch or directly to the person in charge if you have had the time to find out more. Mention clearly the type of your savings account: A, LDDS or Livret jeune. This is essential, because the closing conditions will not be the same, and the conditions also depend on each branch and each institution. Take the time to inform yourself before starting the process in order to avoid unpleasant surprises. The procedures to follow
To proceed with the closing of your passbook, take into account the procedures to follow. This information is available at your branch, but it is also indicated in the contract linked to your savings account. The terms and conditions for closing your account vary depending on the type of passbook you have. Your request by mail should include a few documents: photocopy of your ID, bank statement and proof of address.
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Below is our sample letter template:

First and last namePostal address City, CountryTelephone numberYour customer reference (indicated on the passbook)Passbook ... (A or LDDS or , Livret jeune) n° ... (Number of your passbook)
Name of your agencyPostal addressCity, Country
Registered letter with acknowledgement of receiptRequest for closure of savings accountMadam, Sir, I hereby inform you of my wish to close my savings account ... (identity of your account), held by your institution for personal reasons. My passbook is numbered ... (passbook number). Attached to this letter are all the supporting documents you will need for this process. Also enclosed is my bank statement so that you can transfer the balance of my savings product to it. If my application is complete, I would like to ask you to close my savings account and to keep me informed of the progress and effectiveness of this closure. Please do not hesitate to contact me, if necessary, at the number provided for a possible interview (please specify the days and times that are not convenient for you). I look forward to hearing from you. Please accept, Sir or Madam, the assurances of my highest consideration. First and Last Name
SignatureDetailed list of documents you have provided in the appendix.You have decided to close your savings account and are required to apply to your branch. You can go there directly, but ideally you should send a registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt. This letter should contain all the information related to your savings account.
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