Letter of partnership research by an association

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letter template Letter of partnership research by an association What is the purpose of this letter template? An association may request financial or material assistance from a company for the financing of a specific project or as part of an action. The aid will be granted through a partnership. This is a bilateral cooperation. The company offers money, financial aid or material to the association. In exchange, the association promotes the company. To find new partners, the association can turn to its "usual" partners. First of all, there are banks and insurance companies. It can also ask for help from financial services. These companies have an annual budget that is specifically allocated for social works. Another alternative that is rather easy to access is the help of your members. If your association has a supplier membership category, you can establish a possible collaboration with them. If you do not have supplier members, you can ask your members in general. They may have contacts of potential partners or they may know of companies that can provide financial and material support to your association. For the request for support, the association should write a letter of inquiry for partnership. Three important elements must be included in the letter: - Addressee: In general, the letter seeking partnership must be addressed to the person in charge of communication of the firm or the one at the top of the hierarchy such as the General Manager of the firm or the PCA- Content: first of all, it is essential to present the association. The main activity of your association, the length of time it has been in existence and the different actions it has undertaken. Then, you must specify the nature of the help you are looking for. Clearly indicate what the association can offer in exchange. - Means: You can send the partnership letter by mail or by email. Don't forget to attach all the necessary documents to convince the potential partner: blog website, photos, recent press articles that talk about the success of your association and the different actions offered by your association.
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Below is our sample letter template:

Last name, first nameAddressCP - City
RecipientAddressCP - CityA [location], lundi 05 décembre 2022
Subject: Partnership request

Madam, Sir,

I represent the Association "xxxxxx" which works every day for the respect of the biodiversity thanks to our XX volunteers, our XX collaborators all over the world and our network of committed partners in all France.

We have recently carried out actions to raise public awareness about the preservation of fauna and flora in our countryside. Our current project is to launch independent studies to better understand the impact of pesticides on the environment.

Unfortunately, the financial means we currently have are limited to complete this project. For the best functioning of this project, we need your help and we would be willing to associate with your image through a bilateral partnership. For this purpose, a financial and material help will be very necessary for us:

-(specify the amount of money or material good)

In return, we can ensure the good visibility of your company to the public, because we are very present in the social networks with more than 100,000 followers on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. We regularly appear on television and YouTube. We give you some links that you can visit anytime. It's a better way to build awareness of your business around the world.

}It is in all transparency that we have presented a brochure detailing our program project as well as the means we have deployed and the tax benefits you can benefit from.

By remaining at your disposal for any additional information, I accept (Madam/Monsieur), the expression of my distinguished sentiments.
Signature of the President of the association
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