Application to open a bank account by an association

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letter template Application to open a bank account by an association In general, there is no law that requires associations to have their own bank account, however it is essential for associations to have a bank account. If your association does not have a bank account, it will not be able to receive donations, grants or other forms of financial support. The association also cannot collect membership fees. If you are looking to subsidize your project, a bank account will be necessary.Open an online bank account for your associationIf you want to open an account for association, you have the possibility to do it online directly through a 100 igit bank specialized for business accounts. By opting for an online offer, you will be able to make big reductions each month and moreover, you will be able to find offers more adapted to your situation than in a classic banking establishment since the offers are multiple and are adapted to each association, to its size or to its number of employees for example.Services offered at the level of a classic bankAn online offer does not mean under offer. By opening an account with an online bank you have the same possibilities as in a physical branch. For example, you can cash checks, get a payment terminal for bank cards and easily control your budget. As an option you have the possibility to edit quotes directly via the platform and you can even have an accounting software. The offer is at a starting price of 10 euros per month, you will gain a lot. It avoids you to work on three different softwares.Opening a bank account for an association: The prerequisitesIt is first essential to declare your association at the prefecture. If your association has already been created, but is not yet declared, it is time to declare its existence, as this is an important formality before opening a bank account.Regarding the legal person who must open the bank account, the Association must first convene the Board of Directors in order to designate the person(s) who have the necessary skills to manage the Association's accounts and, therefore, know all the steps necessary to open a bank account for an association. If more than one person is designated, it should be specified whether he or she must act jointly, i.e., all decisions concerning the association's banking operations require several mandatory signatures. Or also the designated person must act separately, at least one signature is required. All this information must be included in the Law of Deliberation to be informed to the Bank. For the opening of an account by an association, it must be sent to the bank by a letter of application for the opening of a bank account by an association.To open an account, several documents will be required. Each bank has different requests, but will have to provide at least the following documents:Statute of the AssociationLetter of receipt of the declaration from the prefectureExtract from the Official Gazette of the publication of the AssociationThe deliberations of the deliberative procedure authorized by the statutes designating the person or persons responsible for the account of the associationA copy of the identity documents of the persons authorized to operate the account.
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Below is our sample letter template:

Last name, first name
CP - City
CP - City
A [location], 23 09 2023
Subject: Request to open a bank account - Association (specify the name of the association)Dear Sir/MadamThe association that I currently manage; the association (name of the association), legally declared in the prefecture (date of the declaration of the constitution of the association) wishes to open a bank account for the good progress of the financial flows and the treasury of my association. The purpose of this association is to (talk about the activity of the association). The decision to open a bank account was taken by the constitutive general assembly on (date of the general assembly).we would therefore like to meet with one of your agents to arrange an appointment so that we can discuss the conditions required and applicable for opening a new account for an associationFor your information, you will find attached:A copy of the statutesThe list of the members of the board or the officers of the associationThe minutes of the constitutive general assemblyProof of address of the headquarters
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