Letter accompanying a response to a call for tenders

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letter template Letter accompanying a response to a call for tenders To launch a collaboration, most companies launch a call for tenders. It is from the responses that they select the best collaborator. Following an RFP, many companies rush to respond to it. But a tender should be well researched and thought through. Not only must the response techniques be respected, but also the letter must be very precise. To make the difference from other companies, do not hesitate to highlight your values. Mention your skills and those of your team. It is highly recommended to show your previous works. Also, in order to prove your professionalism, it is ideal to send a detailed schedule on the realization of the project. The period of the realization of the work must be precise while taking into account the various constraints. The same goes for the budget, which must be well detailed. The best thing is to entrust the calculation of the budget to a professional in the field. It is from all these data that the person who has carried out the call for tenders will have an idea of the capacity and professionalism of your company.
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Below is our sample letter template:

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Subject: Response to the call for tenders [Reference]Dear Sir, Dear Madam, Following your call for tenders, I would like to respond to it. As founder and director of the company [Name of the company], I am pleased to announce that your offer corresponds perfectly to the activity carried out within our company, which specializes in [Specialization of the company], and is located in [Location of the company] and was founded on [Date of creation of the company]. Our team is composed of several professional members and will be able to carry out all the work well. Each of our employees has the necessary skills to carry out all the types of work we do. Our professionalism and know-how make us different from other companies. Our team is made up of competent and dynamic people. For the realization of this project, according to our study, a budget of [exact amount] is necessary. You can find herewith the details of this amount. As for the realization of this project, our team is able to complete it during a period of [estimated period]. The details of the schedule are also visible in the attachment. Indeed, we have all the necessary materials to complete the work in this period. Please find enclosed the documents that may be of interest to you. We look forward to receiving your favorable reply,
Signature and stamp of the company
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