Warning letter to an employee

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letter template Warning letter to an employee Warnings are never fun, but they are necessary to ensure that the employee's mistakes are taken into account. The employer can warn the employee orally, but for the sake of formality, the warning can be sent in the form of a letter. Many employers also decide to send the warning by e-mail. This is considered a disciplinary sanction by law. In the letter, it is very important to specify the reasons for the warning, so that the employee can read it. Attention, according to the Law, the employer can not send a disciplinary sanction if the employee has not violated the rules of the company. In fact, the warning must be detailed and motivating so that the employee can change his behavior and start from the right base. Always make it clear that the mistake must not be made for a second time under any circumstances. To encourage the employee to change his or her behavior, it is recommended that you specify the sanctions that you will take if the incident is repeated. The employer is not obliged to carry out a prior interview with the employee
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Below is our sample letter template:

Mr. (Mrs.) Company name/ Last name - First nameFunctionAddressPostal code - City
Last name - First name of employee
CP - City
Registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt (or hand-delivered against receipt) Subject: First warning (or "Warning" all together if the employee has already been warned before)Dear Sir/Madam, As mentioned in the employment contract, you should not have [specify what the employee should not have done]. These errors that you have made remain unacceptable and are a breach of your contractual obligations. We do not approve of your behavior and lack of respect for [state the facts]. We would like to remind you that according to our Labor Code, you cannot [cite the company's internal regulations which state what an employee must not do]. Therefore, we are sending you this first warning which will constitute a disciplinary sanction. In the future, if the error is repeated, we are obliged to take much stricter measures against you. If the incident is repeated again, sanctions such as layoff, transfer or termination for misconduct may be taken, so please take the necessary steps to take all this into account. We hope that after reading this letter, you will make changes in your behavior. Please accept, Madam (Sir), the assurance of our highest consideration.
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