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letter template Sample response to a quote by email Any potential customer, individual or professional, can request an estimate document from a professional to perform certain work. When it is signed by both parties, it justifies the agreement between the customer and the provider. You can send a letter of response to a quote by email to your provider to inform him that the quote has been accepted or refused. The response letter should be simple, but feel free to add additional information or reiterate the information in the quote, such as the validity period of the quote. More accurate estimates result in a smoother execution of the project. That way, you avoid last-minute overhead, unexpected expenses and tied-up working capital. You can ask in your letter for an interview to discuss all the details of your project. If all project issues are clear, it means smooth and uninterrupted project execution. In addition, projects are completed more quickly.
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Below is our sample letter template:

Dear Supplier
Based on our discussion for (specify nature of work or service, e.g., adding a few more floors to our inn building), we have received your quote for the work. We have carefully reviewed the quotation you have provided, the quotations are within our budget and we are therefore pleased to accept your offer and offer you the contract.
According to the agreed terms and conditions, we will provide you with all the necessary materials by next weekend, so that you can start working on the project as soon as possible. It would be great if you could provide us with your schedule for the work on this project
We hereby enclose the down payment of X issued under your company's terms of work. Please contact the Purchasing Department at any time during the next week for the signing of the paper and other formalities.
In order to decide on the starting date of the work, we would be grateful if you would contact our company soon. We would also appreciate a few briefing sessions so that we can provide any further clarification on the project. Please note that the project should be completed by (specify date). We ask you to respect the deadline, as this is an emergency project that we plan to finish early.
To further our cooperation, we ask you to provide the following documents in order to process the purchase order (list the essential documents you need to fully understand the work flow).
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