Letter of resignation from the treasurer of an association

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letter template Letter of resignation from the treasurer of an association Even when you are resigning from a volunteer position, it is a good idea to submit a letter of resignation. Taking the time to write a letter of resignation as treasurer will let your colleagues know what to expect and give them time to find a replacement for you. In this case, you will need to send a letter of resignation to the association president to let him or her know of your decision. You can briefly state the reason for your resignation in the letter. It is also a good idea to send your letter of resignation one month before your departure date so that the association can make the necessary decisions for the smooth operation of the association.
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Below is our sample letter template:

Name, first name
CP - City
Name of the associationAddress of the associationCP - City
Reject: Letter of resignation from the Treasurer of the (Specify name of association)
Please accept this letter as my resignation from my position as Treasurer of the (Specify name of association). My last day as interim treasurer will be (Specify date). I am being transitioned to a full-time position and am no longer able to manage the time commitment that this position requires.
I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the opportunities I have had to learn and work with a wonderful team like you. I have enjoyed working in our association to help with fundraising efforts to support disadvantaged children. I think that someone with more free time would be better off dedicating themselves to this important position.
I will make sure to take the time needed to finish the outstanding cash flow files and complete the monthly paperwork. I am happy to help transfer the duties to the new treasurer and bring him/her up to speed on everything related to our cash management. If you need any information from me, you can reach me by phone or by email. In order to avoid disrupting the smooth running of the association and for the sake of continuity of service, I would like to inform you that my decision will only take effect from the date of my resignation. This is very important so that I or the association can train my successor to take over my position.
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