Sample Retirement Notification

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letter template Sample Retirement Notification Retirement notification is an official document issued to any retired employee. When do I receive my retirement notification? It is sent by registered mail with return receipt once the file has been reviewed. The retirement notification officially justifies the retired status. It is often accompanied by other supporting documents. How do you get your retirement notification? Or how to obtain a copy/duplicate of your retirement notification? There are two ways to obtain your pension notification: log on to the French pension insurance website and access your personal space. You can submit your application online and send the attached documents by mail. You can also contact your pension fund (by phone or online). You can also contact your pension fund (by phone or online) and they will send you your retirement application by mail. You can download and print this document. The content of the retirement notificationThe retirement notification is an official document issued by your employer. It mentions the effective start of your retirement. It clearly details the elements used to calculate your pension. The calculation shows how much you will receive each month. The notification also indicates the means and time limits for appeal if necessary. We recommend that you keep the original of the pension notification, as no duplicate will be issued. It could be requested by various organizations in order to justify your status as a retiree. It is therefore advisable to make copies as soon as you receive them. Retirement: health insurance rights As a retiree, you are entitled to health insurance under certain conditions. You must reside in France or in another related country that has an agreement allowing you to receive French health insurance benefits. You are also entitled to health insurance if you receive your pension monthly. If you receive a daily allowance or a disability pension, you must send a copy of your pension notification to the Cpam (Caisse primaire d'assurance maladie). Even if you have an early or progressive retirement before the age of 62.
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Below is our sample letter template:

Employee's full name
Employee's addressCP - City
At ...... (place), on ...... (day, month, year)

Registered letter with ARObject: Notification of retirement

Madam or Sir (depending on the type of employee)
You will be ... (insert employee's age) on ... (precise date) and you will be entitled to a full pension as of this date.
Under these conditions, we wish to inform you that we have decided to retire you in accordance with the provisions of Articles L. 1237-5 to L.1237-8 of the French Labor Code. This decision does not constitute a dismissal. It will take effect at the end of a notice period of ...(put in figures the number of months of notice) months which will begin to run on the date of first presentation of this letter.
Your employment contract will be terminated for effective retirement on ... (date of departure of the employee, date defined at the end of the notice period).
On this date, you will receive the legal (or conventional) retirement indemnity. A certificate of employment will be sent to you along with a certificate of termination of employment (or any other document required for the settlement of your pension).
We would like to thank you for your interest in our company.

Name of employerSignature of employer
Company stamp
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