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letter template Cover letter for job at mc do If you are going to work in a fast food restaurant, you should write a letter of application to show your interest in the position.Maintaining a fast service speed especially during peak periods is very important for a fast food delivery position. Take orders from customers and enter their choices into the restaurant's computer systems. Assemble orders on trays or in bags depending on the type of order. Process large orders for events; tasks are specific and sequential. Preparing meals at peak breakfast, lunch and dinner times while following recipes with great attention to detail and always applying food safety principles requires organization and multi-disciplinary skills. You can use this cover letter example to get hired in a fast food restaurant for your future professional career.
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Below is our sample letter template:

First name Last nameAddressPhone numberE-mail
Company Name Attn: Ms./Mr. (Name)
or Human Resources Department
or DirectorCompany AddressPostal Code - City
Subject: Application for a job as a fast food restaurant team memberDepartment: Curriculum vitae(Dear Sir/Madam),Currently (looking for a job as...), I am very interested in the position you are offering "fast food restaurant team member" and I would like to send you my application.I am a volunteer and hard-working person, equipped with a real adaptability and a good sense of relationship, I am ready to improve in this field and ready to follow the necessary training sessions that would allow me to execute all the tasks efficiently. I regularly frequent your establishment, and I see that this position would be an opportunity for me to work in a setting that I appreciate very much. I am a willing and enthusiastic team player and am passionate about working in a young and dynamic company like yours, where customer service and efficiency are at the heart of the professions you offer. I am also aware of the hygiene requirements associated with fast food restaurants.
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