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letter template Cover letter for home help job The home care aide is responsible for assisting the elderly or sick returning from hospital with their daily tasks. They provide extra help for these vulnerable people to remain independent at home due to illness or disability. Sometimes the service is asked to take children to school. Home care services are numerous and varied, depending on the needs of the vulnerable person. These may include meal preparation, medication reminders, companionship or assistance with shopping. Home care services may also include respite care, wound care, serious wound care or palliative care. Although no specific training is required for this occupation, personal qualities such as serenity, discretion, responsibility and respect are necessary, as well as honesty, conscientiousness and the ability to take initiative. If you would like to apply for this position, here is a sample cover letter for home help.
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Madam, Sir, I would like to put my expertise at the service of people in need, that is why I am very interested in joining your home help company. I am motivated by the need and the desire to give my help and support to the elderly or people with reduced mobility. My commitment to serving as a Home Health Aide, as well as my experience in caring for adults with a variety of health care challenges and constraints, gives me confidence in my ability to provide meaningful benefits to your team. Whether assisting with personal hygiene, meal preparation or shopping, I have the skills and knowledge to make a positive and meaningful impact on your clients' lives. In addition, my ability to quickly connect with people in need and build trusting relationships. My strong communication and problem solving skills and compassionate nature are a great asset to succeed in this position. I am able to handle all the responsibilities of this job such as administering medications, preparing meals, transportation, laundry and following up on doctor's appointments.I am enclosing my resume and a letter of recommendation from my former employer to highlight my career and strong skills.I look forward to a possible interview.
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