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letter template Covering letter DUT marketing techniques If you want to enroll in the DUT marketing techniques program, you should send a DUT marketing techniques cover letter to the institution of your choice. You can send it by mail or online depending on the school's application procedure. The DUT marketing techniques training allows you to have the necessary skills in commercial technique management. The training includes several headings such as marketing analysis, the realization of commercial relations. You will learn the different commercial techniques to prosper in the field of marketing, sales and commercialization. The training gives you access to different jobs: Sales assistant, sales representative, sales promotion and management. The BAC is the diploma required to access this training. The baccalaureates of series STMG and ES are the most recommended if you want to follow the training in DUT techniques of marketing.
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Below is our sample letter template:

First and Last NameAddressPostal Code and CityE-mail address
Name of the department of the institution
Subject: Application for a DUT in marketing techniques
Madam, Sir
I have the honor of submitting my application for a DUT in marketing techniques in your establishment. I am currently in the Terminale (specify your field of study) and have acquired knowledge in (specify according to the field of study you have followed) which corresponds perfectly to the DUT in marketing techniques that I wish to follow at present.
The study program that you offer in your establishment corresponds perfectly to my personal expectations. I am particularly interested in business. I would like to acquire solid knowledge in business management, marketing, commercial communication and accounting. A position that requires flexibility and versatility, I wish to direct my professional career in the profession of commercial assistant.
Your DUT program gives me the opportunity to develop my sense of contact and allow me to assimilate during 2 years all the essential skills regarding commercial management. I am an assiduous student and passionate about my work
Thank you very much for considering my application. I will follow up in a week to confirm that all my documents have been received and I look forward to a rewarding interview with you.
Till then, please accept, Madam, Sir, my best regards.
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