Sample cover letter requesting a permanent contract after a fixed-term contract

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letter template Sample cover letter requesting a permanent contract after a fixed-term contract Most of the time, you start in your new position for a trial period so that you and the company can determine if it is possible to start a longer-term relationship. With an indeterminate position, employees have time to decide if a position is a good fit for their skills and experience before committing to a permanent position. After a job suitability assessment, the permanent recruitment team will place you in a permanent position based on your experience and skills to set your career on a new path. The fixed-term contract ends at the end of the written contract period and no notice is required from the employer. If you wish to terminate the contract before the specified date, technically you do not have to put it in writing, although it is probably a good idea to do so. It is illegal for the employer to terminate the fixed-term contract before the date recommended in the fixed-term contract. In order to obtain a permanent position, you can ask your employer to convert your fixed-term contract into a permanent contract. In this case, your employer commits to a long-term contract with no end date. This is a special type of contract, which offers many advantages. This type of contract allows you to stop working on seasonal and fixed-term contracts and to finally find professional stability. You send your written request to the company's General Manager or Human Resources Director to ask for the transformation of your fixed-term contract position into a permanent contract.
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Below is our sample letter template:

Name, first name
CP - City
To the General Manager of the Company (Company name) or to the Human Resources Manager of the Company (Company name)
Subject: Request for a permanent contract after a fixed-term contract
I have taken note of your announcement concerning the recruitment of a (profession) on a permanent contract.
By this letter, I would like to inform you of my deep desire to join your teams and ask for your favor to accept me as a worker on a permanent contract so that I can develop my skills and bring a fruitful collaboration with your teams within your company.
I had the opportunity to do an internship (a seasonal job or a summer job) in the (name of the department) in the (name of the service). During my internship, I became progressively familiar with your work procedures and your work environment. As a result, I will be perfectly autonomous, as I am familiar with the workings and expectations of your company.
During my internship at the end of my studies, which took place in your company, you were able to sincerely evaluate the quality of my work as well as my seriosity at work. My sense of organization, my enthusiasm, my ability to listen and assimilate, my dynamism and my ability to adapt to the position were greatly appreciated by my supervisor and internship manager.
My internship allowed me to put into practice my theoretical knowledge thanks to the training I obtained in the field of (specify). Thus, I was able to discover the different aspects of the job of (name of the job) during my internship.
Waiting for a favorable answer from you, please receive, Mr. Director, my most respectful greetings.
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