Application letter for the position of air hostess

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letter template Application letter for the position of air hostess Also called Stewart, the main function of a flight attendant is to ensure the comfort and safety of passengers during air travel. To do this, she must have all the necessary skills to control the cabin equipment for the comfort of everyone. A stewardess must also welcome passengers, provide on-board service and give all safety instructions to be followed during the flight. In case of an accident, she should tell them what to do in the emergency. For this, it is important that a stewardess has a great sense of service and hospitality, a sense of responsibility, a great command of languages.
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Name, first name
CP - City
Name, first name
CP - City
Subject: Application for the position of flight attendant
Madam, Sir,
I am sending you this letter as an application guide for a position as a flight attendant.
Your airline has always interested me since it is known for the efficiency and availability of its crew. Indeed, the quality of an airline is judged by the service provided during a flight. I believe that I am capable of providing excellent treatment to the travelers of your company, which is why I am addressing you today.
Holder of a -your precise diploma- since -date of receipt of the diploma-, I have passed a theoretical training of one hundred hours within the school -the name of your school-. As for my thirty-five hours of practical training, I spent them in the company -the name of your training company-. I have thus received a good training in the rules of air safety and service. I am therefore able to guarantee the smooth running of an airplane trip.
I would like to specify that I speak fluently -the number of languages you master- languages, in addition to my mother tongue. I also have a first aid certificate. In addition, I have a very good physical condition, I am smiling, courteous and diplomatic.
I am at your disposal for any further information or for an interview during which I will share with you my real motivations for this position.
In this expectation, please accept, madam, sir, my most sincere greetings.
First and last name of the applicant
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