Cover letter for a nursing internship

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letter template Cover letter for a nursing internship Sample cover letter to apply for a nursing internship
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Below is our sample letter template:

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Re: Nursing Internship ApplicationMadam, SirI have always enjoyed caring for others, so pursuing a career in nursing was an obvious choice for me. When I found out about the nursing internship program in your medical clinic, I realized that this is a better opportunity to improve my skills. I am a second year nursing student. Now, I am delighted to bring my academic knowledge and interpersonal skills to a medical facility like yours. I have a basic knowledge of nursing. I have taken community health nursing courses and have several clinical experiences. I have received positive reviews for my accuracy and optimistic attitude from patients and physicians. As a part-time sales associate at ...... last summer, I cultivated strong customer relationships through cheerful and efficient service, tailored to each person's individual needs.I am very interested in explaining how my skills in assessment and creating care plans can help your patients. With the good reputation your facility has, I chose to come to you. Because your facility has a large number of patients, I am able to deal with a wide variety of situations. I would be happy to meet with you and would like to extend my best wishes to you, Sir or Madam.
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