Cover letter for a life assistant

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letter template Cover letter for a life assistant The social life assistant is the person who serves people in a situation of dependence or loss of autonomy. She helps the patient she cares for to regain his autonomy or to make his life more comfortable. Its role does not stop at the material level, but also at the psychological, social and health levels. She allows a dependent person to be admitted to a care facility, but if she works in an organization, she is the person who takes care of the people admitted to these facilities. A caregiver must be competent in health, hygiene, psychology and even dietetics, and must be a multi-tasker whose main quality is caring. She must be gentle and also understanding. But above all, she must be a person who is easy to talk to and who easily puts people in difficulty at ease.
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Below is our sample letter template:

Name, first name
CP - City
Name, first name
CP - City
Subject: Cover letter for a life assistant
Madam, Sir,
Having been informed of your offer published (date of publication), I hereby send you my application for the position of life assistant in your (company, establishment, organization, association)
Having a diploma (nature of the diploma) which enabled me to access the position of life assistant in the establishment (name of the establishment), I have acquired many skills used in this work. I am able to provide assistance on a medical level, on the taking of medication or on a psychological level. I am a committed, serious and enthusiastic person who is easy to talk to. It is not difficult to establish contact with a patient. This is why I applied for the job. I also like to invest myself in a profession that is useful to people.
With an experience of (number of years), within this same (company, association, organization) I was able to develop all the skills that make me a professional for this profession. Attached to this letter you will find letters of recommendation from my previous employers. They attest to my commitment and involvement in this field. It is difficult for me to demonstrate the extent of my motivation with a simple letter, which is why I am at your disposal for a possible interview if my application catches your attention. I look forward to receiving your reply,
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