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letter template Cover letter order picker An order preparer is the person who is responsible for the preparation of products to be delivered to a customer. He/she usually works in the company's warehouse, storehouse, or refrigerated room. He is part of the personnel of the transport and logistics sector. The picker works according to the indications on the order form transmitted by the sales department. He collects and packs them in a specific place or transport. After a final check on the conformity of the references and quantities, the picker passes the orders to the delivery department, thus playing a key role in the logistics chain and the order processing in a company. But above all, it is a key element in the development of the company, especially for e-commerce. An order picker must be very fast in the execution of his work, because he has a deadline to respect.
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Below is our sample letter template:

Name, first name
CP - City
Name, first name
CP - City
Subject: Cover letter for an order preparer
Madam, Sir
I am looking for a job and would like to send you my application for the position of order preparer, as a result of your offer published in (place of publication). I have experience in the logistics sector and I meet all the requirements listed in your ad.
I have a diploma (specify nature) and I have acquired a certain competence that is essential for the execution of the work of an order picker. I have worked for (number of years) in receiving, preparing, managing stock and shipping parcels in the company (name of the company). I have developed a professional quality that is very useful for this job. Being very proactive, I have become proactive and precise in handling the different tools and equipment needed for an order picker.
Aware of my role in the logistic chain, I am used to working in a team and to working fast and well. I know how to work under pressure when deadlines must be met while taking into account the fragility of the orders. I am happy and available to explain my motivation to join your company during an interview. I am also available for any further information. {I hope that my application has caught your attention. Please accept, Sir or Madam, my best regards,
[Signature with Name and surname]
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