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letter template Cover letter SNCF SNCF or Société Nationale des Chemins de Fer Français is, as its name indicates, a French railway company. To be hired by the SNCF, it is important to have some skills and to follow some training. All you have to do is send your CV and cover letter. Jobs at SNCFThe job at SNCF is not only a train driver, controller or station agent job. At SNCF, there are dozens of other jobs on offer. There are mechanics, station salesmen, maintenance technicians, electricians, train switchers, track and mechanical technicians, maintenance agents, telecom engineers, etc. It is no coincidence that this company has attracted a large number of applicants. The jobs at SNCF offer prospects for development and a large number of benefits. Training and qualifications for working at SNCF SNCF currently has 150 jobs. It is fair to say that everyone can find their place in this company. To work at SNCF, it is important to define the position you are interested in according to your qualifications and training. With its training school, the company is able to train you to become a field agent. After the training, the candidate obtains diplomas that are recognized by the State. It is also possible to join the SNCF team, even if you have no diploma. The professions concerning customer relations are accessible without a diploma.
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Below is our sample letter template:

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Subject:Application to join SNCF

Madam, Sir,
By means of this letter and my attached CV, I am pleased to present my application for a position in your company. As a holder of a vocational training certificate in electronics, I have already worked with a large number of companies in the field of rail transport. Thanks to my training and above all to these various experiences, I have had the chance to prove myself and to expand my skills. I would like to consolidate my knowledge with your professional team.

At the same time motivated, punctual and endowed with a sense of organization, I also get involved in my work. This makes me the ideal candidate for this position. I also have an excellent capacity of adaptation. This is to let you know that working odd hours is not a problem.

In my previous positions, I already have experience in teamwork. In fact, what pushed me to join the SNCF team was its dynamism. With my interpersonal skills and my communication skills, I know how to serve the public and inform customers.

Thanks to my electronic training, I am fully capable of carrying out transport missions in the event of design incidents. I would like to meet you and demonstrate my motivation. I am at your disposal for an interview or for further information.

Thank you for your time in considering my letter. Please accept, Madam, Sir, my sincere greetings.
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