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letter template Cover letter architect Many architects are self-employed. However, one can also find professional architects who work with recognized agencies. The mission of this expert is to supervise all stages of a construction project. As an expert in the field of construction, it is the role of the architect to draw up precise plans for the building or house in question. Long before the realization of the project, it is also his mission to conceive a preliminary feasibility study, in order to know if the project is technically and economically feasible. He is also obliged to follow and respect the aesthetic requirements of his client. He must take into consideration the environmental factors, the technical and legal constraints before carrying out his project. To be able to work as an architect, it is important to have a state diploma or a professional certification of the type Bac 5 to Bac 7. The student needs 5 years of study to obtain his DE of architect and one year more to have a HMONP. Some professionals have completed 7 years of study to obtain the DSA or the diploma of specialization and deepening in architecture.
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