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letter template Cover letter graphic designer The graphic designer is the person who designs graphic creations of all kinds, not only at the computer level. He can make a drawing, a logo or other creations with paint or paper. He offers his talent with different materials. Above all, he elaborates the graphic universe of the communication of company, product. He is the person who gives a visual identity to your communication. A graphic designer needs to have good creativity, because before using materials, he must be able to change ideas into images. This is why the graphic designer is most often attached to the marketing department. A graphic designer can be an employee, but he can also work as a freelancer. First of all, he identifies the client's request, then he develops a concept in accordance with the basic idea. Once the client has agreed on the concept, the graphic designer proceeds with the creation of the graphic charter and the design.
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Below is our sample letter template:

Name, first name
CP - City
Name, first name
CP - City
Subject: Cover letter for graphic designer
Madam, Sir,
Seeking an opportunity in a large company of your size and holding a diploma (type of diploma), I am particularly interested in the offer you published on (place of publication) for the position of graphic designer. I would like to propose you my application
With (number of years of experience), in the company (name of the company), I have acquired the technical skills that graphic designers need in their jobs. I have a perfect command of specialized software for this work such as Photoshop or Illustrator. I also know the processes to manufacture and print the projects according to their quality. My experiences have also allowed me to acquire a base in marketing and management, qualities necessary to better understand the needs of customers, but also to manage customer relations well.
Versatile, very curious and open-minded, I always try to give the best of myself and be creative to adapt to the ideas requested by the customers. I have a great sense of contact and it is easy for me to establish a constructive conversation with the people who request my services.
However, a simple letter of motivation is not enough to show you the extent of my motivation. However, a simple letter of motivation is not enough to show you the extent of my motivation, so I am available to meet with you to explain my background even more,
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