Free Hospital Duty Officer (HDA) Cover Letter

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letter template Free Hospital Duty Officer (HDA) Cover Letter You wish to apply for a job offer of Hospital Services Officer (ASH) or Hospital Care Assistant? Whether it's for an unsolicited application or a response to a job offer for a nursing assistant. Discover our free cover letter template that allows you to submit your application as part of your job search. For a fixed-term contract, a permanent contract or an internship, which will allow you to become a Cleaner in a nursing home. You must write a personalized cover letter for each of your applications. It is also important to indicate your motivations, your ambition and your know-how in order to convince the recruiter.
What is a hospital service agent (ASH)? It is a person who is in charge of ensuring cleanliness in a hospital or a retirement home. This person must respect the rules of hygiene established by the management of the establishment of the CHU (University Hospital Center) in which he is assigned. No diploma is required to perform this job. However, the candidate must have certain qualities. He/she must be autonomous, patient and discreet, qualities that are very important. The job of hospital services agent can evolve towards the job of nursing assistant or childcare assistant thanks to continuous professional training and VAE (Validation of acquired experience). By carrying out a VAE, it will be possible to obtain a BEP.Our advice for writing your cover letter:If you do not have a diploma and you have no experience in the field of nursing homes, in short a beginner. Put forward all your experiences and skills when writing your cover letter, which are related to the maintenance and disinfection of surfaces and your qualities for the position of sterilization agent. Also talk about your psychological and medical/social health which are useful as a caregiver in the life of patients. Only mention salary if it is mentioned in the job offer. Can this cover letter be used after having passed a BTS SP3S? It is quite possible that as a current student, you are asking yourself serious questions about your future job, which is quite normal! On the other hand, concerning this cover letter, we can't really say that it is well adapted to the BTS SP3S. Indeed, this training will essentially allow you to work in private or public structures, in sectors such as social protection or health services. Although you can use this cover letter as inspiration for your project, it cannot be copied entirely as it is! Indeed, places that provide care for children, the elderly or the disabled often require a cover letter that is much more personalized than this one. The same is true for all the organizations that can evolve in the socio-educational world. Among them, we can count in particular the social action centers, or the youth protection services. Nevertheless, this cover letter template is still a good base, and nothing prevents you from using it after having passed a BTS SP3S...
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Below is our sample letter template:

Last name, first name
CP - City
CP - City
A [location], samedi 03 décembre 2022
Re: Unsolicited application for a Hospital Duty Officer position
P/D. My Curriculum Vitae

Madam, Sir,

If this application is in response to a job offer
In response to your advertisement, I would like to offer my application for the position of Hospital Services Officer to be filled within your structure.

If this is an unsolicited application
I am very interested in working in a hospital or clinic environment and would like to send you an unsolicited application for a position as a hospital service agent.

If the candidate has experience in this position
I would like to submit my application for the position of hospital service agent which is available in your organization. Holder of a CAP (vocational training certificate) in health and social work, I have acquired professional experience in the field of maintenance of establishments, during various fixed-term contracts.

If the candidate has no experience for this job
I am very interested in working in a hospital or clinic environment, I wanted to send you my application for the position of hospital service agent.

My lack of professional experience will not make me lose my will to occupy this position and pushes me, on the contrary, to prove myself. I am a punctual, dynamic and serious person who knows how to show discretion and appreciates working in a team.

You will find attached to this letter of motivation, my curriculum vitae which will give you more information about my career. I am at your disposal for any interview.

In this expectation, please accept, Madam, Sir, the expression of my distinguished greetings
Your signature
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