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letter template Cover letter for a STAPS license A regulated documentThe writing of a cover letter is quite delicate, especially when it comes to integrating higher education, especially in the STAPS field. Like all administrative letters, this letter must comply with classic regulations, but it is of great importance both in form and content. The content must be descriptive and informative and the formatting must ensure a good presentation. If you have any doubts or apprehensions, simply search for these methods on the web, which will guarantee the quality of your letter. The importance of a cover letterThe goal is to highlight your skills while defending your personal values. Indeed, the university should be captivated by the relevance of your background in order to consider your potential and possibly shortlist you. To do this, adapt your letter to your profile and express all your qualities. Do not hesitate to underline your performance and list the activities you have already carried out that are related to the training you are considering. Writing tipsThe most important thing in this cover letter is to be able to demonstrate your motivation to follow the STAPS program and obtain a license (bac 3). In order to succeed, you should mention the following points: Detail your academic background, your aptitudes and your projects Demonstrate the coherence of your application with their objectivesIndicate your general knowledge and your activities Important: correct your letter and have it proofread!
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Below is our sample letter template:

Last name, first nameAddressCP - City
RecipientAddressCP - CityA [location], lundi 05 décembre 2022
Subject: Application for admission to the STAPS license

Madam, Sir,

I am currently waiting for the results of my scientific baccalaureate and I am already preparing for my future university integration. My greatest wish is to be able to integrate a Bachelor's degree in science and techniques of physical activities and sports next fall. I have always practiced sports and for me, it is neither an obligation nor a simple passion, but much more than that, it is my way of life. My childhood was marked by sports victories and this has shaped my personality.

It is thus quite natural that I aim to improve my sports skills and knowledge through a technological and scientific approach. More precisely, I would like to specialize in the Sports Management course, because it would provide me with all that I would need in terms of decision-making and strategic skills, and in the long run would allow me to exercise a profession with responsibilities within the framework of a sports structure.

}I have followed many disciplines such as climbing, archery or horse riding and I practice competitively with the national team of ... (specify) the ... (specify the discipline), which has remained my favorite sport.

I am convinced that this regular practice of sports has allowed me to increase my capacity for concentration and this spirit of success has greatly supported me in my studies. You will note in the copies of my report cards attached my latest academic results both scientific and literary.

This STAPS license would be for me the best way to materialize my professional ambitions and my career path and it is for this reason that I am sending you my application to join your university.{I remain at your disposal for a possible meeting during which I could demonstrate my motivations.

In this expectation, please believe, Madam, Sir, in the assurance of my best feelings.

P.J. : Copies of report cards and CV
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