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It is very important to write your letter carefully. The modele2lettre guide gives you advice on how to write a model letter %variable%. Continue reading this page for more information.

letter template Covering letter BTS Assistant manager Before writing your cover letter, you should first do some professional reflection work based on an assessment of your skills. To do this, you must define the points below: -The ideal assistant manager in a few words
-The reason for your choice of company
-Your skills in relation to this position
-Your projects and ambitions
-Your personal qualities. The classic approaches These points will serve as guidelines for writing your cover letter. With these good supports, your CV will easily pass the selection process. This letter is very important because it reflects your personality. Remember to respect the conventional method of writing: -Draft on white paper of A4 format (portrait).
-Mention the identity of the applicant, his address and contacts and those of the recipient
-Personalize the letter by adopting the form of the first person
-Do not forget to sign. Tips for writingTips could help you optimize your cover letter. -Visit the school's website and learn more about the BTS of your choice. Refine your results with more concrete information.
-Reply to the 2 fundamental subjects that interest the recruiter: the candidate's good profile and his/her determination.
-Start with a handwritten letter, you will gain precious points.
-Be brief, direct and honest: get to the point and save the recruiter time.
-Attention to presentation and spelling. Don't hesitate to start over and have someone proofread it!
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Below is our sample letter template:

Last name, first nameAddressCP - CityMail
The recipientName of the institutionTo the attention of the recruiterAddressCP - CityA [location], mardi 06 décembre 2022
Subject: Application for admission to the Assistant Manager BTS program

Madam, Sir,

I am a student in the final year of the STMG program and I would like to join your establishment in the Assistant Manager BTS program next fall. I am particularly attracted by the performance of your teaching staff and it would be an honor for me to be part of your students and to complete the list of your next graduates. The program that you offer corresponds perfectly to my professional aspirations and my objective is to obtain my diploma which will be very useful to prepare my career as an assistant manager in... (specify the sector of activity).

The profession of assistant manager interests me enormously and I would like to put my interpersonal skills and my few administrative skills to the benefit of my future manager and his company.

I am sending you my latest report cards which will demonstrate my seriousness and my abilities. I am very enthusiastic about the idea of becoming one of your students and I sincerely hope that you will respond favorably to my request. Please accept, Madam, Sir, the expression of my best wishes.
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