Letter of appeal for the amicable settlement board (CRA)

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letter template Letter of appeal for the amicable settlement board (CRA) When you wish to contest a decision taken by a social security organization, you must address your request to the amicable appeals commission (CRA) of this same organization.{There are many cases where you may disagree with the decision of one of the social security organizations, such as a refusal to pay a benefit or a refusal to join the universal health coverage (CMU). If the CRA has not replied within one month, your request for redress has not been accepted.
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Below is our sample letter template:

Name and surnameAddressCP - CityTelephone Reference: your Social Security number
Mr. (Mrs.) Chairperson of the Mutual Agreement Board of AddressCP - CityA [location], lundi 05 décembre 2022
By letter dated lundi 05 décembre 2022, the primary health insurance fund for which I am eligible [give details] refused to grant me [for example, reimbursement for medical care] on the grounds that [summarize the reasons given by your fund].I consider this decision unjustified. Indeed, [explain your point of view]. This is why I would like the commission you chair to re-examine my file. Please find enclosed all the necessary documents that will enable you to make an informed decision.
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