Example of a letter to connect a baby to my mutual insurance company

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letter template Example of a letter to connect a baby to my mutual insurance company This is it! You're a first-time or returning parent. Congratulations, and you wish to join your child to your mutual insurance company after his birth? With the model letter below you can write to your mutual insurance company. This way they will be able to attach your child to your mutual insurance company. Depending on your complementary health insurance contract and situation, if you are an employee, civil servant or self-employed. The mutual insurance company can pay you a birth bonus. {Remember to prepare your supporting documents: copy of the family record book, employer's certificate, copy of identity documents (for the baby, your spouse and yourself). Being covered by social security and a company mutual insurance company will allow you to benefit from reimbursement rights and guarantees of coverage. An access to medical care, an optimal health coverage. In a few years, think about asking for a "carte vitale" for your child.
Birth announcement: to whom should it be sent? The arrival of a baby is a joyful and unique event. In order to announce the good news to everyone, you must send a birth announcement. But the question often arises: who should you send the birth announcement to? Your co-workers and employerYour co-workers and employer are the people you spend the most time with during your week. You work with them every day. That's why they know about your pregnancy. They probably even organized a going-away party when you went on maternity leave before the baby arrived. It is therefore natural to send a birth announcement for your employer and colleagues.Family membersYour family members are the first people you think of when you have just given birth. You want to instantly tell them the good news and introduce them to the new family member. Grandparents will be happy to receive a personalized birth announcement with a picture of the baby.His or her friendsAfter your family, you surely want to tell your closest friends that you have finally become parents. To tell them this wonderful news, sending a birth announcement is the perfect solution.

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Below is our sample letter template:

Last name, first name
CP - City
CP - City
A [location], lundi 05 décembre 2022
Subject: Attachment of baby to the mutual insurance company

Madam, Sir,

By this letter, I would like to inform you of my wish to attach my child XXXXX born on XX/XX at XXXXX to my complementary health insurance contract n°xxxxx. {Please find enclosed a copy of the birth certificate and the family record book.
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