Letter of application to join the CFDT

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letter template Letter of application to join the CFDT What is the CFDT One of the main missions of the CFDT is to engage in the legal framework for the implementation of new rights for employees in order to reduce inequalities between employees. As an employee, the National Labor Relations Act guarantees your legal right to join or form a union to better defend your rights. The CFDT also fights tirelessly to accomplish its missions. Among its main missions is the improvement of health at work. This French Democratic Confederation of Labor ensures the implementation of planning and realization of documents necessary for the assessment of occupational risks as well as offers its monitoring in the CHSCT. The CFDT is finally a confederated organization with more than 800 000 members, belonging to all sectors of activity, private and public.Why join the CFDT? All those who wish to join the CFDT can join the confederation. Membership in this structure offers you several advantages:
You are always kept informed on the evolution of employees' rights as well as individual support on all plans that will affect your right as an employee, especially on the legal and professional level.You are informed on your rights as well as on the social news of your region, whatever the professional branch you belong to.A telephone service "answer to the card" will be offered to you. If you wish to join the CFDT, you can ask to receive the membership form from the CFDT. To do so, you will need to send a letter for membership to the CFDT. Cancellation is possible at any time. If you decide to cancel your membership, you can do so by means of a simple declaration.
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Below is our sample letter template:

Last name, first nameAddressCP - City
RecipientAddressCP - CityA [location], lundi 05 décembre 2022
Subject: Request for CFDT membership form

Madam, Sir

Persuaded by the various actions you are taking to defend the rights of workers and improve their working conditions, I would like to join your French Democratic Labor Confederation at this time.

Gathering around a common action is very important to win this battle that all workers have been fighting for decades. Working towards a common goal, that of maintaining the social gains of workers is a very important issue for me. Workers have these fundamental legal rights to achieve safe, healthy and fair working conditions.

To give you more information about myself, I am currently working in the company (give name of company). Consequently, I request that you kindly send me a membership form for the CFDT union.

I would be grateful if you could send me the necessary information and elements for a membership application. My mailing address is visible above.

Waiting for a favorable answer from you, please accept, Madam, Sir, my best regards.
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