Resignation letter during the trial period

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letter template Resignation letter during the trial period The probationary period is a period of time in which two parties, namely the employer and the employee, make a mutual evaluation in the professional context. During the trial period, the employer notes the skills of the employee to better judge whether or not he/she is capable of working in his/her company. Among all the resignation letters, it must be said that the termination of the probationary period is the simplest of all since it is not subject to any formality. In fact, as stipulated in the probationary period contract, either party has the right to terminate the contract.
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Below is our sample letter template:

Name, first name
CP - City
To the General Manager of the Company (Company name)orTo the Human Resources Manager of the Company (Company name)Company addressCompany e-mail
Subject: Termination of probationary period contract
By this letter, I am informing you of my decision to terminate our contract regarding my probationary period in your company.
I have decided to terminate my probationary period for the simple reason that the position I am currently occupying in no way meets my professional aspirations.{Please accept my resignation and prepare the necessary documents accordingly.
In accordance with the 48-hour notice period, I will be leaving your company on December 04, 2019 permanently.
Please accept my sincere appreciation.
Name and surname of the employee
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