Letter of non-renewal of contract

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letter template Letter of non-renewal of contract You have hired an employee on a fixed-term contract that is about to expire. You have decided or are obliged to stop renewing this contract. You are therefore required to send a letter of non-renewal of the contract to your employee a few days before the effective end of the said contract.
A compulsory notificationThe end of a project, an assignment or a contract must be notified by a letter addressed to the employee, especially if the contract will not be renewed. The employer must draw up and send this letter of non-renewal of the contract at least two months before the expiry date. The letter must mention the name of the project for which it was concluded as well as the exact date of the end of the contract. This letter must then be sent to your employee by registered mail with acknowledgement of receipt.The procedure to followIn case of non-renewal of a fixed-term contract, the employer is not obliged to give notice within a certain period of time, but must nevertheless respect certain procedures, especially if the renewal was initially foreseen in the fixed-term contract. The sooner the better, in order to allow the employee to make arrangements. The letter must be clearly motivated and the purpose must be fair and not abusive. If the non-renewal is due to other circumstances (pregnancy, work accident...), the reason must be very precise independently of these elements.Notice period and waiting periodYou must not confuse the notice period of a fixed-term contract and the waiting period between 2 fixed-term contracts. The first one is the period of time that is necessary to prevent the non-renewal of a fixed-term contract and the second one is the period of time that must be respected before signing a new fixed-term contract for the same position. In any case, the non-renewal of a contract must be notified as soon as possible to those concerned. (For this letter, use a sheet of paper with the company's letterhead)
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Below is our sample letter template:

First and last name of the employer or company nameAddressRegistration numberAddress RCS number ... / SIRET number: ...
Employee's first and last nameEmployee's title or positionEmployee's addressCity
Registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt
Subject: End of employment contract First name, last name and titleOn the date of ... (date of signature of the employment contract), a specific employment contract was concluded between our company, in the person of the General Manager, and yourself. This contract will expire on ... (date). This date corresponds to the completion of the mission for which it was concluded, namely ... (the mission of the fixed-term contract). At the end of this date, which will mark the end of your employment contract, you will receive the remuneration corresponding to your last days of work, your pay slip, your "employer's unemployment insurance" certificate and your work certificate. We would like to thank you once again for the efficiency and dedication you have shown in carrying out the mission entrusted to you. (Example: Thanking you for all that you have accomplished within our company, please accept, Sir or Madam, the assurance of my best wishes.
First name, last name and signature of the employer
Company name
Signature Company stamp
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