Resignation letter during parental leave

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letter template Resignation letter during parental leave You were on parental leave and at the end of it you do not wish to return to your job. You will in fact submit your resignation while on parental leave. What is the procedure to follow in this situation? What documents do you need to have and/or present to your employer? Or can you resign during your parental leave? The legal procedureArticle L1237-1 of the French Labor Code states that your request for resignation must respect the notice period specified in your employment contract or collective agreement. However, you can ask your employer for a reduction or a dispensation. But if an amicable agreement cannot be reached, your employment contract will be terminated only at the end of the notice period. In other words, if your notice period does not end at the end of your parental leave, you are required to return to your job until your notice period ends. It's true that returning to your job after a long absence may not make sense. It is therefore highly likely that your employer will agree to a request to waive your notice period. This is especially true if you have given reasonable notice (at least 15 days). The sample letter of resignation that we offer takes this into account. If you have any doubts about your obligations and rights, you can consult the labor inspectorate or the company's personnel representatives. After resigning during a parental leave, you have a "priority to be rehired" status for a period of one year after your departure. The position you hold in this situation should match your qualifications. You must apply to your employer for this priority of reemployment, which will then be sent to you by registered mail with return receipt. If you are rehired, you will receive all the benefits you had at the time of your departure.
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Below is our sample letter template:

First Name, Last NamePersonal AddressPhone NumberFunction / Title
Recipient (Human Resources Department)Recipient's business addressCP - City
At ... (place), on ... (date)
Subject: Letter of resignation during parental leaveMadam or Sir the ... (position), I hereby inform you of my decision to resign from my position as ... (job title), a position I have held in your company since ... (date of hiring).I am currently on parental leave and, for a number of reasons, I do not plan to return to my position at the end of this leave, which is scheduled to end on ... (date of end of leave).As I have informed you in advance, I would like to be exempted from the execution of my notice period by derogation from the provisions of the collective agreement applicable to the company, the duration of which is one month. I would be grateful if you would take my request into consideration and agree to the termination of my employment contract with you on ... (date of the planned end of the contract). On this date, I would like to ask you to provide me with the documents related to my resignation: the balance of all accounts, a work certificate, a certificate for the cessation of activities, etc. I remain at your entire disposal for a possible meeting so that I can resign under the best conditions. In the meantime, please accept, Madam or Mister the ... (capacity), the expression of my distinguished greetings.
Signature of applicant
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