Letter of resignation with notice

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letter template Letter of resignation with notice The formalities for resigning from your jobThat's it, you have made your decision. For you it is time to change jobs because this one for many reasons does not suit you anymore (The city is too far from your home; Your bank account is always in the red). A worker with a permanent contract who is about to leave his company must send a letter of resignation by mail or hand-delivered. Here is a model to personalize. Like all administrative letters, this document must respect all the formalities related to it. It must be drafted with care according to the indications of the labor law as well in content as in form. The respect of this instruction will allow to prevent litigations which are always binding for the employee or the employer. Depending on the internal regulations and the collective agreement of each company, the letter of resignation can be delivered by hand or sent by registered mail. It is however useful to prove that it is really a resignation and not an abandonment of the employee.The content of a resignation letterSince it is a resignation with notice, the letter has to clearly mention the duration of the said notice with its deadlines. This period depends on several criteria on the side of the worker: the professional category, the seniority, the position, and the reason for the resignation, although this is optional. According to the labor law, you are not obliged to mention the reason for your resignation even if the employer requires it and this does not affect the validity of your case.Your request will then be addressed to your supervisor, the human resources department or directly to your employer depending on the size of the company.Understanding the notice periodThe notice period or the period of time between the announcement of the termination of the contract and the actual end of it. At the end of this phase, the contract will be definitively terminated. However, during the entire period, duties and obligations must be maintained. A compensatory indemnity is scheduled for the benefit of the employee upon his departure.
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Below is our sample letter template:

Last name, first name
CP - City
CP - City
A [location], jeudi 08 décembre 2022
Re: Letter of Resignation

Madam, Sir,

I am writing to inform you that I am resigning from my position as... (name of position) which I have held since... (date of hire) at .... (name of company).

In accordance with the terms of my contract, I will be serving my full notice period, which will begin today and end on... (indicate the date of the last day), the date on which my resignation will take effect. During this period, I would like to have the 8 hours per week that I am entitled to. Thank you for your understanding and kindness in considering my request.
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