Sample letter of denunciation to the police

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letter template Sample letter of denunciation to the police How does a police report work? Have you noticed an offence around you and wish to report it? What are the procedures to follow and what will happen afterwards? Find in this article our explanation.What you should know about the denunciationThe denunciation police can be carried out by any person who is aware of an offence, whether he is directly concerned or not. Otherwise, it is possible to denounce a known or unknown person. Finally, the report must be filed orally or in writing at the police station or the public prosecutor's office. What happens after the report is filed? After the report is filed, you will be heard by the police. On the other hand, the person reported will be summoned so that the police can hear his or her version of the facts. The police will then carry out research and make findings. Finally, the police will send a written report to the Public Prosecutor. What decisions could the Public Prosecutor take? After the investigation, it is possible that the Public Prosecutor will not follow up your complaint. This may be because of insufficient evidence. It could also be that the facts do not constitute an offence under the law. If this is not the case, the Public Prosecutor's Office can directly issue a criminal order.
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Below is our sample letter template:

Last name, first nameAddressCP - City
Madam, Monsieur le Procureur de la République de (lieu)Tribunal de grande instance de (lieu)AdresseCP - VilleA [lieu], mardi 06 décembre 2022
Subject: Report of facts that may constitute a criminal offence

Madam, Mr. Public Prosecutor,I, the undersigned [Madam/Mr. your name], born on [date of birth] in [place of birth].{I hereby inform you of the existence of facts that may constitute an offence.

In fact, [Explain in a clear manner what happened].

I would also like to specify that the above-mentioned facts took place on [date] on [place].{To facilitate the identification of the persons concerned, here are all the details concerning them:

[Name, address, profession, family situation, vehicle registration and all information that allows them to be identified].

Thanking you for the attention that you will give to this letter, please receive, Madam, Mr. Public Prosecutor, the expression of my most distinguished greetings
Your signature
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