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It is very important to write your letter carefully. The modele2lettre guide gives you advice on how to write a model letter %variable%. Continue reading this page for more information.

letter template Sample dispute letter Are you a victim of unfair solutions? It is always necessary to dispute if you find that you are in the right. To do this, you must write a letter of protest. This letter will obviously contain the complaint that you want to put forward. This letter can be addressed to all sorts of entities. It is nevertheless necessary to specify the address of the recipient. In writing, it is essential not to abuse the facts. Above all, it is recommended to use precise and accurate terms. The wording used in the letter should be different depending on the cause as well as the recipient of the dispute.
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Below is our sample letter template:

Name, first name
CP - City
Last name, first name (which is the one mentioned on the minutes)
CP - City
Registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt
Subject: Challenge to the [Specify the reason for the challenge]Enclosed: photocopy of the official report or the proof provided, if applicable)Dear Sir/Madam, [Specify the name of the person to whom I am speaking if it is mentioned on the official report]I hereby take the liberty of contacting you regarding the official report which was issued to me on [Mention the date]. Indeed, the reason for the ticket is [Detail the reason that led to the challenge. Through this letter, I would like to ask you to consider my complaint about this penalty, which involves a procedural irregularity [should not take place]. Indeed, as you can see on the [Specify the evidence] that you can find attached to the letter, [Here it is necessary to briefly explain the reason for the refusal. It is important to give a detailed explanation]. Thus, in view of this error (or irregularity in the procedure), I would like to ask you to exonerate me from the amount of this fine. I remain at your disposal for any further information you may require. In the meantime, I would like to thank you, Madam, Sir, [Specify the name of the person to whom you are referring if it is mentioned on the ticket].
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