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letter template Letter to a lawyer In a judicial or fiscal procedure, the contribution of a lawyer is more than necessary. In this type of procedure, the role of a lawyer is not only limited to representation. In a legal procedure, a lawyer assumes several roles: first, the role of advisor: a lawyer must, throughout the procedure, play the role of advisor to his client. Secondly, the role of representative: in a procedure involving an appearance before a court or a judge, every individual must be represented by a lawyer who will speak and act on his behalf. Finally, the role of defender: this is the main role of the lawyer, who must do everything in his power to defend the interests of his client throughout the proceedings in which he is involved. Depending on the nature of the relationship and the circumstances of the separation, there are different divorce procedures: by fault, amicable, etc. In a divorce procedure, the amicable procedure is the simplest and least expensive to set up. In this procedure, the two future ex-spouses will meet and agree on the terms of their divorce. Simply, they will define themselves the way in which their property will be shared, or how they will share the custody of their child. But since this is a legal procedure, the presence of a lawyer is necessary to make the procedure legal and binding. Although his role is secondary, his input is more than crucial in the process. His support and expertise allow for the rapid finding of solutions that could be detrimental to the proper conduct of the proceedings. The hiring of a lawyer must be agreed upon by the client and the lawyer and must be included in a contract. For this reason, a formal request must be made to a lawyer to inform him of what is expected of him. But also, the fees of a lawyer can very quickly become expensive if the lawyer can initiate proceedings on your behalf. In this case, it is important to set the rules in advance of the contract and to ask for a complete estimate of the fees before any service is rendered.
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Below is our sample letter template:

Name, first name
CP - City
Name, first name
CP - City
Subject: Letter of request for representation for a divorce
Registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt
Master,I, the undersigned [First name - Last name] having residence at [precise and up-to-date addresses of the residence] want by the present letter, to present the wish to request your presence in order to represent me during the divorce procedure in which I am in opposition with [Madam, Mister] [First name - Last name].
In this situation [Madam, Mister] [First name - Last name] and I agreed to proceed with a friendly procedure. Therefore, we have agreed on the main lines of the divorce such as [ex: custody of the children and the division of the family home]. But some points have not yet been discussed such as [ex: the allowances]. Therefore, I expect that during the procedure, you will undertake the necessary actions in order to advise me, but also to represent me during the whole procedure, as well as to defend my interests for a fair division and judgment. In order to start our future collaboration, I need to have an estimate of your fees for this service. Our collaboration, and consequently your mission, will begin as soon as this estimate is validated. Finally, for any action or work that may generate additional costs, I would ask you to wait for my agreement before undertaking them.
Waiting for our future collaboration, and especially for the particular interest that you have for me, please, Master, the expression of my most distinguished sentiments.
Your signature
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