Letter to the judge for a judicial separation of property

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letter template Letter to the judge for a judicial separation of property A decision made beforehandThe separation of spouses often involves an equitable division of property. If the spouses are unable to reach an agreement, the notary and the judge come into play and provide a solution that is not only legitimate, but also judicial. However, this intervention is limited depending on the regime adopted by the couple at the time of their union. A letter must be sent to them clearly stating their choice and expectations. The purpose of the letterThe letter that will be addressed to the family court judge (JAF) will serve not only as proof of morality, but also to protect the family assets, whether they are human or material. Attach all related documents to this letter. Note that the division of property is the logical consequence of a divorce without which no distribution is allowed.A coherent content for more credibilityIn order for this letter to be credible and admissible in the eyes of the law, it must be sincere and only evoke the realities. For example, mention financial activities such as savings, loans, addictions or investments. You can mention the steps already taken, but which have failed:

Assignment of a notary
Attempt at conciliation
Winding up operations
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Below is our sample letter template:

Last name, first nameAddressCP - City
Court of First Instance of... (city where you reside)Petition to the Family CourtA [place], mardi 06 décembre 2022
Subject: Request for judicial separation of property

Madam or Mister Judge,

We, the undersigned ... (specify both names) residing respectively at ... and at ... (specify both addresses), request a judicial separation of our property from you.

We have already taken amicable steps, but we are faced with rather difficult decisions and no form of discussion has been able to lead to any resolution. We remain at your disposal for any additional information and are waiting for a summons to the Court for a hearing during which you will be able to rule on our situation. Please accept, Madam or Mister Prosecutor, the expression of our distinguished greetings.
Respective signatures of former spouses
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