Delegation of signature

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letter template Delegation of signature The delegation of signature is a legal act. An authority or the delegator delegates his power to sign letters and documents to a third person. In administrative law, this delegation of signature will be executed by means of a decree or order of the delegator. A person may delegate or assign to another authority the use of a signature stamp bearing the person's name or the signature of the person's name. Delegation of signature is not permitted in certain situations, such as when signing a medical record. It is the responsibility of the delegator to know the situations in which delegation cannot take place. In the case of delegation of signature, it is the responsibility of the delegate to ensure that the person to whom such authority is assigned understands the limits of the delegated authority. Such delegated authority may not be further subdelegated. The person who delegates signing authority to another is ultimately responsible for the actions of the delegate. The delegation of signing authority must be documented in writing and reviewed periodically.
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Below is our sample letter template:

Name, first nameAddressPhoneEmail
Institution NameAddressPostal Code - City
A [your city], Date
Subject: Delegation of signature
I, the undersigned ..... born on (specify your date of birth and place of birth) residing at (specify your address) give power of attorney for delegation of signature to Mrs/Mr .... Born on (specify your date and place of birth) and residing at (specify your address) to sign on my behalf the documents necessary for the (specify the nature of the document to be signed).
This delegation is valid from ..... to .... He or she will be able to pass all the legal acts and documents for the proper execution of the legal acts. No object of subdelegation by the delegatee can make by this delegation.
Your name and signature The name and surname of the person to whom you delegate your signature.
(Signature manuscrite)
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