Model of baptism speech for godchildren

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letter template Model of baptism speech for godchildren Being named godfather or godmother at a child's baptism is a privilege. To say how you feel and to thank the parents, it is a great necessity to write a speech. However, this is not an obligation. The godfather or godmother can decide not to make a speech at the ceremony or the baptism reception. There are no rules for the speech. There is no perfect speech. What is important is that you speak from your heart. To make the text authentic, say what you really feel about your role while stating the love you bring to the child and the family. Since you have been entrusted with the stages of the child's religious life, it is of great importance to thank the parents in your speech. In order to have an original text, it is therefore necessary to write it yourself. If you don't have the word, a short speech can do the trick. If you are not comfortable speaking in public, it is important to study your text well in advance. This way, you won't feel blocked when speaking.
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Below is our sample letter template:

A few months ago, I was asked to become the godfather (godmother) of (Child's name). I wondered what this role entails. I have some questions that I could not answer until today. Being a godfather (godmother) of (child's name) is much more than just a person who attends the baptism ceremony in the church. It is someone who receives a lot of love and shares it afterwards. Dear (child's name), your parents have given me the privilege of being your godfather (godmother). For this best time of your life, I would like to give you my greatest gift: my immense love. I also want you to be the happiest child in the world. I want to make you feel happy by giving you what you really deserve. I can't guarantee you a perfect life, but I promise to do my best to be there for all your special moments. You can trust me at any time during your life as a child. But most of all, I will give you my hand to guide you in everything you want to do in life. Today on your baptism day, I pray hard to God to give you health, prosperity, love, and all the good things you deserve. Thank you (parents' name) for this great privilege and for the loving moments you have given me. This genuine gift warms my heart perfectly. I can't thank you enough.
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