Example of speech for the wedding day at the town hall for the groom

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letter template Example of speech for the wedding day at the town hall for the groom Preparing a speech for the bride is often stressful, especially at the time of giving it. You need to find a quiet place where you can focus on the topic. The goal is for you to make a speech that is tailored to show your bride that you really love her. These lines can help you.Prepare a comprehensive textThe guests already know that you are married. So there is no need to introduce yourself for a long time. You can always just put a few funny words to get the attention of your guests and your wife. Also, you can say a few words about your in-laws if you want. Don't forget the little anecdotes from when you were single. Don't forget the little stories from when you were single, such as the vacations you took together. You will finish your speech with a toast to your wife.You must be ready to read the speech at any time.Certainly, you will be stressed during your wedding day whether it is at the church or after. But, that's no reason to back out and not give your speech. You should be ready to deliver it at any time. Note that speeches are given during the reception once everyone is seated. You can discuss this with your host if you are unsure of when to speak. In any case, the few words you say will make the day special for your wife.
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Below is our sample letter template:

My darling,

I said yes to you several years ago. Yes to get to know you so that I could know who you really are. It allowed me to discover the things you like, but also to know what you really want from life. You didn't hide anything from me, whether it was big or small. I have even learned the little things that can hurt you and the behaviors you don't like. But I also learned the things you like, including the words you want me to say. These moments made me understand how much I love you. I want to love you even more so that our love grows every day. These years have also helped us to know each other, including our faults. These flaws will surely end up killing our love if we don't move forward together. I must say that the complementary attitudes we have helped us to grow in our love.

Here we have been able to unite our lives before God. I say yes again for life. I will always be by your side to share your joys, but also your sorrows. You look so beautiful in your princess dress. I will never forget to remind you every day that "I love you" so that we can keep the flame alive like on the first day.
I love you darling.
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