Request for a marriage certificate without filiation

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letter template Request for a marriage certificate without filiation You need a marriage certificate without filiation, you can make a request by simple letter by putting a stamped envelope with your address so that this one can be sent to you as soon as possible. You can use this model of request for a marriage certificate in Metropolitan France and in the French Overseas Territories and Departments (DOM-TOM).

What is filiation?
Filiation is a link that legally connects a child to each of his parents.
Since the ordinance of the right of filiation (n°2005-759) of July 4, 2005, there is no longer any difference between legitimate filiation (children born of married parents) and natural filiation (for children born out of wedlock). There is therefore no longer any status of natural or legitimate child, there is only one unique status of child.
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Below is our sample letter template:

Last name, first nameAddressPostal code - City
City HallAddressPostal Code - CityA [location], lundi 05 décembre 2022
Subject: Request for a marriage certificate without filiation

Madam, Sir,

I would be grateful if you could send me a copy of a marriage certificate without filiation concerning :

Mr. (surname and first names), Born on (date of birth) in (place of birth)


Ms./Miss. (maiden name and first name), Born on (date of birth) in (place of birth).

The marriage took place on (date of marriage) at the Town Hall of (name of the Town Hall)

You will find enclosed a stamped envelope, made out to my name and address.

I thank you in advance for your reply and ask you, Madam, Sir, to accept the expression of my best feelings.
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