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The modele2lettre guide gives you advice on how to write a model letter. We offer you in our Purchase & Consumption section many examples of letters.

Claim your rights with our termination letter templates. Whether it is to end a telephone subscription, a housing contract, car insurance or to get a refund for a defective product, etc. a letter of termination is, most of the time, necessary.

As an individual, the termination letter often gives rise to complications. We don't know how to go about it, we don't know what to write, we don't know what legal notices and information to fill in... In short, a task that was supposed to take only 5 minutes ends up taking 20.

What are the advantages of taking a model on the internet?

Why bother writing by hand or on your computer when you can legally use termination letter templates online and change personal information? The termination letter, whether done online or by post, is supposed to be quick and easy. For this to be the case, you can rely on pre-designed models according to a very specific need.

On our page of cancellation letters relating to purchases and consumer goods, you will find many examples to reuse.

- Termination letter for your cable satellite TV / Termination letter for your Canal Sat subscription / Termination letter for your Meetic subscriptions / Termination letter for your Sosh subscription / Termination letter for your internet subscription / Dispute letter for your electricity bill electricity / Order refund request / Invoice request

All the letters to cancel a purchase or a consumer good are not alike! This is why it is preferable to opt for templates. In addition to saving time, you have the certainty of requesting a termination in the rules.

How to send your termination letter?

On this point, the vast majority of companies proceed in a similar way. You can submit your request by post or online. However, there is no need to send a termination letter by email or regular mail.

In the first case, the email must include an electronic signature (not to be confused with the document). This is very rarely the case.

>In the second case, the recipient can completely deny receipt of your letter. You will never be able to disassemble the opposite.

Cancel your contract by registered letter

This is the most popular and safest method. Sending a letter of termination by mail with AR (acknowledgment of receipt) is the best way to achieve your termination quickly.

Economical and reliable, it guarantees the termination of your subscription or other.

Terminate your contract online

With the popularization of electronic signatures, it is now possible to download a termination letter template on the internet, fill it out and sign it electronically.

Thanks to this technique, you no longer need to print your letter, fill it out by hand and go to queue early in the morning at a post office.

Online termination is a method guaranteed by La Poste. It has the same legal value as a handwritten termination letter and allows you to do everything from your PC.

On Modele2lettre, find many models of termination letters and find the one you need. Do not waste time :.

1. You download one of our templates / 2. You complete it and sign it electronically / 3. You send it via the La Poste website / 4. That's it!

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