Sample letter of withdrawal for a check

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letter template Sample letter of withdrawal for a check A "stop payment letter" is a letter that a person who has lost a check should write to notify the banks that the check should not be accepted. This is because the check in question may have been stolen or found by someone else. Thus, to avoid an unwanted transaction, you must notify your bank of this incident. It is best to send your withdrawal letter by mail instead of by email. When writing your letter, please be as clear and informative as possible. It is also essential to include all the necessary details about the check in your letter.
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Below is our sample letter template:

Name and surname of the beneficiary of the check
CP - City
Name of the recipient of the check (Receiver of the letter) or Name of the bank
CP - City
Re: Letter of withdrawal from a check At [city], on [date]
I, the undersigned (specify your name and surname), declare that I withdraw from the check (give details of the check, check number) made out to me in the amount of (specify amount).This check never reached me, and I hereby declare that I am no longer responsible for it and renounce any further recourse to your establishment concerning this check. Consequently, I undertake to return this check to you, if it reaches me later. I also wish you to notify me upon receipt of the check when it is presented, at the earliest.Thus, I declare that I withdraw all rights to the funds of this check as a result of this withdrawal letter. I confirm that I have not endorsed the above-mentioned check.I would like you to send me a check for the same amount. I would like you to send me a check for the same amount, and after receiving it, I will inform you of its receipt so that we can start a new cooperation process.I am counting on your professionalism to take all the necessary measures in response to my letter of withdrawal.In order to clarify the situation, I can provide you with all the necessary details about this letter of withdrawal by telephone today.Please accept, Madam, Sir, my best regards.
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