Unjustified invoice dispute letter

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letter template Unjustified invoice dispute letter If you receive a bill letter from a supplier (e.g., an EDF energy bill) that is inaccurate, respond immediately and clarify the problem. Failure to address a bill can result in late fees and may even impact your business credit score. In this case, it is important to send a substantiated bill dispute letter. What is a letter disputing an inaccurate bill? While it is faster to dispute the billing letter by phone, if you respond by mail, you can include attachments to support your claim. This type of letter is a letter that you send to your company, supplier or service provider to claim that the amount you should be paying is incorrect. As a customer, if you have received an incorrect bill for the payment of your goods, work, etc., you can assert your rights by sending this type of letter. Gather your evidence - make copies of any supporting documents you have that show what the real price of the gas or electricity bill should be. If you are accused of not paying a bill, ask your accounting department to print a copy of the payment check that was sent and ask them to verify that the check was cashed. If you placed an order online and received a confirmation e-mail, print that as well. Attach these documents to your letter of complaint to strengthen your evidence. Write your letterUse letterhead as a professional approach to writing your letter. Then address your letter to the person who sent you the invoice. Acknowledge that you have received the invoice and explain why you are disputing it. Reference the documents you are including to validate your claim. For example, "As you will see from the attached contract, the total invoice for the construction of the taco stand addition was $1,000, payable upon completion. Your invoice is for $2,000, which is incorrect.

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Below is our sample letter template:

First nameSending address or customer addressPostal code/CityTel E-mail
Company nameAddress of recipient companyPostal code/City
Subject: Invoice payment disputeMadam, SirBy this letter, I am informing you of my decision to dispute the amount of ...... € (specify) of your invoice bearing the reference (specify the invoice reference) dated (specify the exact date of receipt of the invoice), relating to (explain the subject of the invoice).The amount of this invoice is inaccurate, because (describe the problem) The exact amount of the invoice is (specify). I request that these errors be corrected and that all financial charges related to my payment be credited as well.Taking into account these remarks, I request that you issue a new invoice in accordance with my order. I reserve the right, within the framework of my legal right, to file a complaint with the public prosecutor. In order to find a solution to the dispute, I am inquiring about my rights with the Direction générale de la concurrence, de la consommation et de la répression des fraudes (General Directorate for Competition, Consumer Affairs and Fraud Control). I am enclosing copies of (use this sentence to describe any attached information, such as payment slips and statements) in support of my dispute over payment of the invoice. Please investigate based on these attachments and correct the billing errors as soon as possible.Looking forward to your agreement.

[Signature with Name and surname]
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