Letter of retraction for real estate loans

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letter template Letter of retraction for real estate loans A home loan retraction letter is a letter sent to your finance company to cancel your home loan application. It is essential when you decide to break the loan application contract with your loan officer (bank or other). This letter gives you the opportunity to cancel the contract for a period of 14 days, starting from the day you signed the mortgage application. These 14 days count the weekend and the holiday. {To do so, you must send a notification of your decision to your loan officer. Send by registered mail the withdrawal form attached to your real estate loan file. Make sure you receive a notice of receipt of this letter. If by chance you do not have this form at your disposal, you can send a simple letter of withdrawal (that you have written) to your bank or financial company. This home loan retraction is an optional process for every customer. Although it is free for everyone, it is governed by the law of the revolving credit offer which stipulates a fee payment that ranges from 200 euros to 75?000 euros.
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Below is our sample letter template:

Name, first name
CP - City
Name of the credit institution
CP - City
Subject: Cancellation of a mortgage loanMadam, SirI applied to you on (date of loan application) for a mortgage loan to purchase an apartment at (address of apartment).I signed on (date of signature of the loan agreement with the lending agency) a preliminary offer of credit for (amount of loan) which your institution had proposed to me. (Although you told me that I would be notified of the acceptance or rejection of my application within two weeks from the date I submitted the application, I have not received any notification to date. As I have not received any notification during the period you have mentioned, I have submitted other loan applications to other lending institutions and hereby waive my application to you. I have completed and enclosed the forms you have given me to request cancellation of my loan application and wish to be notified in writing that my loan application is cancelled.
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