Letter of Termination of lease following transfer

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letter template Letter of Termination of lease following transfer Writing a lease termination letter is an important step in planning the move of any rental property. A lease termination letter due to a transfer is a letter that you, as the tenant of the apartment or house, write to terminate the lease agreement between you and your landlord. This letter is an essential element when you want to stop renting your property due to a professional transfer. It is therefore addressed to your landlord. You can terminate your rental agreement while complying with the deadlines already set by law. Normally, you should respect a notice period of 3 months. If you are transferred, the period will be reduced to one month. It is the tenant's obligation to send a registered letter to terminate the lease in case of professional transfer.
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Tenant's full name
CP - City
Owner's full name
CP - City
Subject: Cancellation of a mortgage loan Dear Sir or Madam Tenant of your apartment (or house) at (give address) with a lease contract dated (date of conclusion of the lease), I am sending you this letter to inform you of my intention to terminate the lease contract, as I am obliged to terminate this lease contract following my professional transfer. At the end of the notice period, which will be in accordance with article 15 of the law of July 6, 1989, I will vacate the premises. If the inventory of fixtures at the end of the lease does not show any damage for which the tenant is responsible and is in accordance with the inventory of fixtures at the beginning of the lease, I would be grateful if you would return the security deposit to me after the keys have been handed over to me within a maximum period of two months I would like to have an answer from you if the proposed date of the inventory of fixtures is convenient for you. Please receive, Madam, Sir (Name of the owner), my best regards.
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