Letter of refusal for the installation of Linky meter

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letter template Letter of refusal for the installation of Linky meter How to refuse the installation of a Linky meter by ENEDIS/Erdf? Send a handwritten letter of refusal to Enedis-Erdf and to your mayor.
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ENEDISAddress of the company CP - City
Subject: Letter of refusal for the installation of a Linky meter Dear Sir/Madam, I am writing to you following the letter you sent me concerning the installation of a Linky meter. In your letter, you stated that this installation could allow me to change the power of my contract remotely. I also understand that this is a new way of billing to calculate my expenses based on my consumption records. It would also be a tool to save energy. After analyzing your arguments, I realized that I was not interested in installing the Linky meter. I don't think it is necessary for me to change the power of my contract. I feel that I am satisfied with my current contract. I have no problem with the current billing system. As far as saving energy is concerned, I have sufficient advice. I would like to take advantage of this letter to inform you that my current meter is fully functional. I am aware of the advantages of the installation of a new Linky meter, but because of the arguments I have mentioned below, I would like to decline your commercial offer for this installation. Therefore, I would be grateful if you could cancel the planned intervention at my residence identified by the PDL number (your delivery point number). Please accept, Sir, Madam, the expression of my best wishes.
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