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It is very important to write your letter carefully. The modele2lettre guide gives you advice on how to write a model letter Real Estate and Housing. Continue reading this page for more information.

letter template Request for social housing Apply for housingFor X reasons, you are unable to stay in a private residence and must find HLM housing as soon as possible. Make your request to the city hall or the municipality where you want to live by mail. This request must emphasize the reasons for your choice of residence and especially the urgency of the grant. The key piece of your file is the letter. Put all the chances on your side (you need them!) and write your letter emphasizing the points that could set you apart from other applications. Remember, this is an official letter. Take into account all the formalities, as this aspect plays a big role in your credibility. Your letter must be relevant in both content and presentation. To do this:
-Be specific in your requests and explanations.
-Express yourself as clearly as possible and cite some key facts.
-Cite the most important information about your concerns.
-State the steps you have already taken. After submitting your application by mail, you will receive a registration certificate that you should keep very carefully with advance copies of all the elements of your file. You will have a unique registration number that will allow you to renew your application online. As you probably know, people with disabilities or in the middle of an eviction procedure are given priority in urgent applications for social housing. To increase your chances, complete your file as much as possible by attaching to your letter any other official document such as -Supporting documents related to the urgency of your case: your last pay slips and those of your family members, bills for various expenses, tax notices and, if necessary, a copy of your family record book.
-Payment slips for your family allowances, health benefits or proof of the poor condition of your current landlord's accommodation.
-A copy of your residence permit (if you are a foreigner) and your health insurance card. Important note: the mandatory completed Cerfa n°14069*01 form that you have previously collected from the civil institution must accompany your letter. This document is available (to download) on the website.
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Below is our sample letter template:

The ApplicantAddressCP - City
The addressee (to be completed according to the addressee: Town Hall, Prefecture, Landlord) AddressCP - VilleA [place], mardi 05 juillet 2022
Subject: Request for social housing

Madam, Sir,

I am urgently seeking social housing and would like to request your services to accelerate my application. Indeed, my financial situation does not allow me to reside in a private sector housing.

I currently hold a position of ... (specify the professional situation) and my monthly income is unfortunately insufficient to assume the rental charges that are related to my current housing especially as the other expenses are increasingly beyond my means.

You will find attached to my request the official form as well as all the supporting documents of my situation which will be able to testify of my urgent need to move into a HLM. If my case could meet the eligibility criteria for the allocation of social housing and if you need further information, I am at your disposal. In the hope that you will study my case and that I could benefit from a possible interview, please accept, Madam, Sir, the expression of my best wishes.
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