Letter of request to be in the same class

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letter template Letter of request to be in the same class What is a letter of request to be in the same class? For the next school year in September, it is quite possible to be in the same class as your friends. Some schools accept this type of request and already organize a small meeting asking students if they want to be in the same class as their friends next year. If this is your wish, it is essential to write a letter of request to be in the same class for this school year. The student can make the request themselves. The letter of request can also be written by the student's parent.The arguments to put in the letterA cover letter increases your chances. It shows the college or high school administration your seriousness and motivation. Before writing your cover letter, you should think of the best arguments. You must be persuasive and show the advantages of your request to be in the same class as your friends. With the best arguments, the director will not take your request in the wrong way and think that it was just a whim. There are three types of arguments you can use: You are used to working together, you help each other in subjects to solve some complex homework

?You live next door and can go to school together (carpooling), if you have health concerns, you can arrange on homework and classes to catch up.
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Below is our sample letter template:

Last name, first nameAddressCP - City
Name of high school, or collegeAddressCP - CityA [location], samedi 03 décembre 2022
Subject: Letter of request to be in the same class

I am sending this letter to you to be in the same class as my two friends (name, first name and class of your friend) next year. For years, we have always been in the habit of supporting each other in our academic success. Being in the same class this year allows us to share better experiences in our academic success.

I am aware that this request which is a little bit special may seem ridiculous to you, however it is not a sulk, but the desire to help each other and support each other in the difficulty of the scientific sector, the specialty that I have chosen. And it is by helping each other in difficulties that we can improve our results.

We don't live very far from each other, so if our schedules are the same, we could carpool. If one of us is absent for a long time, it would be less complicated to catch up on classes that night.

This decision, in my humble opinion, will help us immensely in our goal of passing the BAC this year. We hope that our options will not be a problem for you, since we are taking the same major. So I hope you will not mind if I ask you to do so. {Please accept, Mr. Director, my best regards.
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