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letter template Absence letter to school As human beings, illness and other unforeseen circumstances are inevitable. And when it comes to absence due to illness, as a student, the right thing to do as a parent is to write a letter of absence from school. Circumstances that require your child to be absent from classIt is very important for a student to attend class regularly in order to achieve high quality academic performance. Many schools have different approaches to dealing with those who remain absent from school. In general, everyone has to deal with expected and unexpected circumstances in life. Practically, it is not possible for an individual to maintain 100% school attendance. If your child is ill or has an impediment or other problem that prevents him/her from coming to school, you must communicate the reason why your child will be absent.Write a note of apology to the school. This letter is written to inform the teacher that your child will be absent for a serious reason. However, keep in mind that this letter may not work for people who are habitually absent. If your child is the one who has a real reason for being absent, you can write a letter of excuse to the principal or teacher.
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Below is our sample letter template:

Name, first name
CP - City
Name, first name
CP - City

[teacher's name],

This note is to inform you that my child (child's name) will not be able to attend school from (start date) to (end date), due to a high fever. Our doctor, Dr. [name of doctor], has decided that it would be best to keep (child's name) at home during this time to get well and not risk infecting other students. We are enclosing a copy of the doctor's report for your records.

We also ask that you give the class assignments to my husband, who will be at school on (date) to pick them up and we thank you in advance for your efforts to provide the best skills for my child. In the event of a change in schedule where my husband is unable to pick up the homework from school, we thank you in advance for emailing us these assignments (put in your email address). Our goal is that this absence of a few days will not affect my child's (your child's first name) academic performance.I have decided that the best thing for my child is not to send him/her to school in case he/she gets sick during the day or passes the flu on to his/her classmates.

Cordially, [Your name].
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