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letter template Letter of resignation apprenticeship Generally speaking, the employment contract as an apprentice is supposed to continue until the end if you have passed the first two months. However, you can resign from your position as an apprentice in any situation. You are required to send your letter of resignation to the manager. When you are hired as an apprentice, your employment contract must begin with a 2-month trial period. This period will allow your employer, but also you, to assess both parties. This trial period will allow you to experiment with the job and find out if you have found your calling in this company or if you are not at all comfortable with it. Resignation Resignation is easier if you decide to leave during the two-month trial period. You will be able to leave your position without any problem and without having to give yourself any time limit. You won't even have to file a letter of resignation. You will just have to announce your decision orally and end your contract. After the two months, you are considered an employee and are bound by the terms of your contract. If you resign, you are required to file a formal letter of resignation.
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Below is our sample letter template:

Employee: First and last nameAddressCity and postal codeE-mailPhone
Employer:Company nameAddressCity and Postal Code
Re: Letter of resignation as an apprentice
Madam or Sir (depending on gender) ... (name of employer),
I hereby inform you of my decision to resign from my position as an apprentice. I have been working as an apprentice since ... (date of hiring) at ... (name of the company). My resignation will therefore be effective on ... (date) in the morning.
I understand that I have well exceeded the two-month probationary period as an apprentice in your company. However, I must inform you of my resignation to leave my position. As the probationary period ended on ... (date), I will honor my contract and work for the company for a period of two weeks, in accordance with the paragraphs of the collective agreement.
Prior to my departure, I undertake to complete all tasks assigned to me and which should be completed by my last day with the company, i.e. ... (effective date of departure). If necessary, I will hand over to the person who will occupy my position or to my former supervisor. {I would be grateful if you would consider and accept my decision and if you would prepare the necessary documents to ensure that my departure is carried out in accordance with the regulations. Please accept, Madam or Sir (name of employer), the assurance of my best wishes.
Your SignatureYour First and Last Name
Copy to (Name of your former supervisor).
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