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letter template Model of internship request by email It is not always easy to get an internship. Indeed, an institution receives many applications. Therefore, in order for the person in charge of recruitment to notice you, it is important to submit an effective and relevant application. This is why the email accompanying the application must be well done. The elements that must be included in an internship application email Before having to send your CV and your cover letter, the recruiter will have to read your email. This is why it must contain your contact information. Introduce yourself and mention your specialties or your studies. For a quick contact, don't hesitate to include your phone number. It is also wise to mention the dates during which the internship should take place, which is a better way for the recruiter to make a decision. You should also explain your reasons for applying for the internship.SuccessfulInternship application email For the recruiter to notice you, it is necessary to put some catchy words in the subject line of your email. This is obviously the first thing they will look at before reading the body of the email. This is a point not to be forgotten. The content of the email should focus on the content and the skills you have. But above all, it is particularly advisable to close the mail in a professional way. It is always important to choose a polite formula. Don't hesitate to specify the presence of attachments.Regarding the form of the internship application emailAn internship application email should be unique and should be sincerely written.To make the email easy to read, a certain form should be respected for the email. Make sure it is short, clear and to the point. To be pleasant to read, it must be properly ventilated. To do this, it is advisable to skip lines from time to time. Be careful not to make spelling and grammar mistakes in your email. A proofreading is therefore necessary.
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Below is our sample letter template:

Name, first name
CP - City
Name, first name
CP - City
[FOR AN INTERNSHIP APPLICATION]Dear Sir/Madam, Further to your advertisement published on [Mention the website where you saw the offer] on [Specify the date] for the internship [Indicate the title of the internship], I would like to send you my application by this e-mail.I am following the [Mention the nature of the training course] Option [Name of the speciality] since [Specify the date when the training course started], and I am looking for an internship to deepen my experience and skills. I am very interested in your offer. I am very interested in this internship because [State reasons]. It is a way for me to discover the profession [Indicate the title of the profession] that I wish to practice at the end of my studies. I am attaching my CV and cover letter to show you my skills and motivation for this internship. For more information, please do not hesitate to contact me.
Sincerely, The applicant [Electronic signature]
OR [ FOR INTERNSHIP EMAIL]Dear Sir/Madam, As a student in [Specify course and year] at [Name of school or university], I would like to complete my internship at the end of my studies in your establishment. My request for an internship is to deepen my professional experience and my skills in order to apply the knowledge acquired during the courses.This internship in your establishment will obviously bring me new skills.Dynamic and rigorous, I will be able to carry out the missions that you will entrust to me.For an overview of my knowledge and experience that I have acquired during my years of study, please find enclosed my CV and my letter of motivation.
Well cordially,The candidate
[Electronic Signature]
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