Letter of complaint for lost luggage

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letter template Letter of complaint for lost luggage From check-in to arrival at your destination, the airline is responsible for your baggage under both the 1929 Warsaw Convention and the 1999 Montreal Convention. If the flight you took is under the Warsaw Convention, you are entitled to claim compensation for the loss of or damage to your luggage. A compensation of 20 kg calculated on the basis of the kilo of luggage. If your flight is under the Montreal Convention, the compensation can be around 1220 euros for lost or damaged luggage. What is a baggage claim letter? This is a letter that you send to the airline of your flight. It is a registered letter with return receipt. In order to be compensated for the damage caused by this uncomfortable situation, you should send your claim within 21 days after the baggage was delivered. With the registered letter, include a copy of your expense invoices. If you find that your luggage has been damaged, you must take action within seven days of receiving the luggage from the airline.
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Name, first name
CP - City
CP - City
Re: Claim for lost or damaged checked baggage
Madam, Sir,On (date), we traveled with your airline from [airport city] to [airport city] on flight [number]. Once we arrived at our destination, we were unpleasantly surprised to find that our luggage had been lost. According to the terms of the Montreal Convention of May 28, 1999, the airline is responsible for the luggage of its passengers. To this day, we regret to inform you that our luggage has not been found. We are obliged to buy (toiletries, clothes) as a consequence of this loss and we are obliged to incur unnecessary and superfluous expenses. Please find enclosed an invoice for the necessary expenses. I sincerely hope that you will accept my sincere regards.
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