Letter of request for a bus reservation

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letter template Letter of request for a bus reservation It is now possible to book your bus transportation by sending a letter of request for transportation reservation to an establishment that offers this kind of service or to a transportation agency. It is essential to specify your itinerary in the letter. The exact date of your trip, the exact date and time of departure and return. The itinerary should be clear, as well as the number of seats and the people who are booking the bus. Here is a sample bus reservation request letter that can help you with your reservation.
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Below is our sample letter template:

Name of the establishment (First and last name for individuals)Address
CP - CityEmail
Name of Transportation Agency
CP - City
Dear Sir/Madam, For our school trip on ........., we would like to book a bus for (number of people). For the convenience and safety of our trip, we would like to book (number of buses you would like to book) with your transportation agency. In the attachment accompanying this reservation request, you will find our travel itinerary, departure date and time, and other useful information related to the trip. Hoping for a positive response from you, please accept, Madam/Mr. Mayor, our best regards.
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